Road Safety

The Zoleka Mandela Foundation encourages communities to take urgent action in preventing road deaths, a global epidemic which shows no signs of abating.

Through tireless campaigning the foundation aims to achieve the following UN targets:

• All new cars are to meet minimum UN standards by 2020.
• 100% seatbelt and motorcycle helmet use by 2020.
• At least a three-star safety on the highest risk roads by 2020.
• Lower speeds by all schools and in residential areas.
• Safe pavements and cycle lanes in all our cities.
• A safe route to school for all our children.

Zenani Mandela Jnr’s tragic death at the age of 13 was the impetus needed for this foundation to begin its “Save Kids’ Lives” campaign. Her memory serves as a poignant reminder of the work needed to improve road safety thus preventing the further loss of lives worldwide.


“What you do for the nation is a thankless job.”